Vietnam Heritage Tour - Day 1- Hạ Long Bay - Jacob Zozzaro Photography

Vietnam Heritage Tour - Day 1- Hạ Long Bay

I was given a great opportunity to visit my birth country. After traveling for about 26 hours, I landed in Hanoi, Vietnam. Day 1 involved me finding breakfast (phó for breakfast? Yes!), hoping to find the tour group (thankful that they had matching shirts,) getting measurements sent to the tailor for my ao dai, and traveling to Hạ Long Bay. We visited Legend Pearl and saw how the Vietnamese cultivate and grow pearls. We traveled on Hạ Long Bay, explored the caves, saw some mountain monkeys, and had delicious food provided by the staff on the tour boat. Day 1 was exciting and I learned about the culture of the people of Vietnam. I look forward to sharing Day 2 soon!

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