July 14 - Quick Update from Hạ Long Bay

So, I have just finished my first day of touring in Viet Nam. I think that I might post an update everyday; let's see if I can keep that up.*

The visit to Hạ Long Bay was great. The scenery was astounding and the shapes of the limestone islands was amazing to behold in person. Thankfully, the day was kept cooler by the overcast skies.

Between eating my lunch and seeing the towering islands around me, I had my camera ready for anything that caught my eye. Using a 20mm lens, I was able to capture wide landscape images and a few panoramas.

These two photos below were taken during a hike up a four-hundred step mountain. The first one is from the rear view of the mountain. I used my new Benro Tripster Tripod for this photo. Dragging a tripod with you may not be the most exciting part of photography, but it is worth it. I would not have been able to get this photo without it.

The second photo was from about halfway down the mountain. I just raised my camera and shot. Sometimes, when one is traveling, that's all you have time for.

I look forward to sharing more photos over the next few days.

Soli Deo Gloria.

I did not. It is now mid-September, and I just finished culling, editing, and uploading my photos.

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