Philadelphia Trip - December 20, 2019

Today, I visited Philadelphia with my two good friends Michael and Nate. Right off the bat, I forgot to charge my second battery for my D610 and we ran about half an hour late due to some complications. Thankfully, everything ended up working out.

We were able to visit the new Fashion District Philadelphia, which was very nice. No photos, sorry. I was busy looking around at the shops and the shiny new layout of the district. Oh, and the food smelled good. The district had that stereotypical mall smell already. But, it was clean.

We went from the Fashion District to the Federal Reserve, where Michael and Nate went through a rather disappointing "tour" of the place. It was an interactive tour, which meant that you walk up to some screens and watch a short video. I stayed outside, as no cameras were allowed inside.

From there, we passed through Franklin Square, and that is when I pulled out my camera. I took a couple shots of a man walking his dog, as well as Nate and some of the restaurants in the Chinatown neighborhood. We ate the amazing Terakawa Ramen, which has the best ramen (we all got the Kyushu Danji Ramen) and takoyaki that I have had. I usually eat here when I visit.

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I wanted to visit a camera store I had found online (Webb Cam LLC at 241 N 12th St.) Thankfully, the store was only a short distance from Terakawa Ramen, and I was able to get some street photos that I was happy with. The Vietnam Palace looks a good place to try sometime.

Webb Cam LLC had a good selection of used and new cameras, and the staff were helpful and friendly. I got to hold the newish Nikon Z 7 with the 24-70 f/4 S lens. I wish I could have bought it. It felt very comfortable and familiar in my hands, and the autofocus was amazing. The EVF was clear and sharp, and the color were accurate. I also saw some of the new Tamron glass up close. That 70-200 f/2.8 G2 looks awesome! This is definitely a store I'll revisit in the future.

We cut through the Center City Macy's to find Nate some coffee, and we also stopped in at Timberland, UNIQLO (I found clothes that fit me!!!), and Barnes & Nobles.

After our short stop in Barnes & Nobles, we walked over to Rittenhouse Square, where I took some photos of Nate and Michael, and Nate got some shots of me and Michael. Nate also managed to get me to genuinely smile (Stop moving!!!)

We also saw a proposal in the park and another photographer walking about.

Hope you enjoyed the story and the photos. Soli Deo Gloria

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