July 14 - Quick Update from Hạ Long Bay - Jacob Zozzaro Photography

Hạ Long Bay Visit - Quick Update

Hi there!

This July of 2019, I was given the opportunity to visit Vietnam with the Holt Adoption organization. As this was my birth country, I was excited to take the opportunity and drag my camera along (plus other tech used in digital photography).

In this post, I am just giving a quick update. So far, Vietnam has been fun, different, and exciting. The traffic is insane, the food is delicious, and land diverse. From rich to poor, from city to humid jungle, my first impressions are simply, "This place is different." I did not know what to expect, leaving my mind open to see a new country.

I'll end this quick post with two photos from Hạ Long Bay. As the tour guide said, Sundays are busy, and it was hard to find an opening for a good composition. The lighting was dull, but at least it kept the heat down.

Soli Deo Gloria.

  • Hạ Long Bay - Photo 1

    12-image HDR stack. The colors of the water, the sky, and trees all complement one another. This was worth the hike.

  • Hạ Long Bay - Shot 2

    This photo was a quick shoot-from-the-hip photo. I forgot that the setting was aperture priority, so the aperture was left at f/2, instead of f/8-f/11. Not bad, all things considered.

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