After completing a job in Avalon, I saw a storm rolling in and I decided to grab some photos. I always try to bring my camera equipment, as you never know what might happen or show up. Parking at a nearby dock, I grabbed my lenses and prepared to shoot. I opened up my trunk and I realized I was missing a fundamental piece of equipment for landscape photography. Yes, I forgot my tripod (Benro TMA27A).

This negligence cost me some good opportunities, such as three bursts of lightning, long-exposure shots, and steady bracketing. I have to say, I am happy how these hand-held shots came out, though they may have been better in regards to composition, framing, and lower noise had a tripod been available.

In the end, God still showed His might in the short storm, giving way to beautiful colors in the sky as the clouds dissipated. Regardless of whether we, as photographers, are prepared for a photo, God will always be prepared to show His glory in His creation.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jacob Zozzaro

Soli Deo Gloria


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